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* 4 juli 2003 †

The Family

The Wennerstrand family, together for the last time, four days before the funeral. We are both happy and proud, sad and devastated. It is hard to imagine that you can actually love someone as much as you love your child!


Here´s William in his little white coffin. We said our last goodbyes four days before the funeral. We tucked him in with the pillow case and the quilt that we had made his bed with at home.

We put our wedding picture in the coffin so that William will never be without his Mom and Dad, together with letters, a beloved orange hedgehog from Dad, a children´s book from Mom and flowers, blueberries, wild strawberries and strawberries from the garden. We gave him all those things that he would have gotten if he was alive. We just didn´t want him to be all alone in his coffin!


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