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* 4 juli 2003 †

The Funeral

William´s funeral was held on July 20, 2003. The closest family attended. We chose the music, the poems and the texts ourselves and it was a beautiful but excruciatingly painful ceremony.

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This is a picture of William in his white little coffin and the baptizing candle he received during the funeral, July 20, 2003.


The Wennerstrand family, right after the funeral.


The Burial

Three weeks after the funeral, on August 9, 2003, William was buried in our family grave at the cemetary at Övre Ullerud, Värmland.

It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful ceremony, but burying our baby was the most painful thing we have ever been forced to do. Life doesn´t get any harder than this.

This is William in his beautiful urn, August 9, 2003.


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