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* 4 juli 2003 †

The Grave

William rests with his Great Grandfather Sven Wennerstrand and his Great Great Grandparents in our family grave in Värmland.

All Saints Day, October 2003. His Mom made the wreath.


William´s first Christmas, December 2003. His tomb stone has finally arrived.


Valentine´s Day, February 2004. His Mom made a heart of red roses to him.


One year since the burial, August 9, 2004.


William´s tomb stone, August 9, 2004.


All Saints Day, November 2004. His Mom made the wreath.


William´s second Christmas, December 2004.


May 1, 2005.


Summer flowers at the grave, June 5, 2005.


September 24, 2005.


September 24, 2005.


November 4, 2005.


December 18, 2005.


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